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Relax, Refresh, Renew


With the ocean at the base, Indulge gives a new dimension to the meaning of SPA, or 'healthy by water'. Cherish your body and soul with the high-intensity products of Indulge, complete 'treatments' for hands, feet and body.


JuiceUp gives an immediate recovery to dry and over worked nails, skin and hair, thanks to organic jojoba, safflower, grape pip and apricot kernel oil, vitamins and minerals.

JuiceUp - HOTOIL

The ‘medicine’ for over worked or damaged nails after removing nail extensions.

The nail and skin conditioner, enriched with beneficial oils. CutiTreat is therefore rich in vitamins and minerals. Restores, feeds and hydrates the nails and skin, this ensures flexibility and avoids drying out and splitting.


tender lily &

red rose


"Only the best ingredients are good enough for our products"

Discover the Indulge ingredients...

Pleasure your whole body with this hydrating MellowMist and benefit from all the properties of Aloe vera, Shea butter, Green tea extract, Jojoba, Vitamin complex A, E, F and pro-vitamin B5. Divide and massage the light, deep penetrating lotion over your skin, suitable as an all-over-body lotion for every skin type.

MellowMoist - LOTION

This rich, foaming SoothingSuds wash gel gently cleanses your skin, thanks to the soothing Aloe vera and nurturing Jojoba with Vitamin E. Very suitable for use at the sink or as an addition to your manicure bowl or foot bath during an Indulge treatment.

Soothing Suds - WASH


The ocean contains long kept secrets about youth and anti-ageing. Kelp, Spirulina, dead sea salts, minerals and so much more, forms the magic of the ocean with its fruitful fruits. A powerful base enriched with organic components such as Aloe vera, Jojoba oil, Shea butter, coconut and almond oil, kaoil clay and Vitamins B5 and E, complete the guaranteed formula of Indulge.

CalmingMud - MASK

With a highly saturated seaweed formula, CalmingMud brings a balance to tired, over worked or irritated skin. Applied as a mask or packing, it provides quick relief and recovery. This formula is richly nurturing for all skin types with Aloe vera, Vitamin B5 and E. used as all-over-body masker.

DetoxClay - MASK

DetoxClay is an intensive mix of natural Kaoil clay, calming Aloe vera, seaweed and algae. With strong cleansing properties, pulls excess oils, pollution and toxins out of the skin and avoids environmental damage. This mask dries on the skin and is suitable for normal to oily/moist skin as an all-over-body mask.

Buffingseasalt - OIL SCRUB

Achieve amazing results within minutes with the BuffingSeaSalt. Dead Sea salt with mineral-rich seaweed, combined with 100% natural oils give a highly efficient scrub for hands, feet and body treatments.

Boost the skin with BoostingBalm, gives every tired, over-abused or irritated skin a daily treatment with this richly saturated cream. Calms, nourishes and speeds up the recovery of the skin thanks to a formula with Aloe vera, Shea Butter, Green Tea extract, Jojoba, Vitamin complex A, E, F and pro-vitamin B5.

BoostingBalm - CREAM
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