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Start at any time


No previous schooling needed

Practical orientated

Training can be put together according to your wishes and budget

Free planning for the student both lesson data and lesson topics


Optimal personal theoretical and practical assistance with experienced subject teachers.

€ 329,- 
The study for Nail styling and manicure.

Enough with excuses just NAILIT 💎

A study that combine class and online learning with self-study.


Become a Nail stylist and/or manicure in ae entirely new and unique learning concept?

NiP College offers the ‘Dual Learning System’.

Dual learning means that you study when and where it suits you. Optimal learning, home and class, as further training or retraining, next to family life, a busy job or if you want a new challenge.


The study makes use of an ‘action learning’ method and contains practical and homework assignments. These assignments can be discussed via the Facebook forum or during the hands-on classes. The practical experience that you do, comes back in the lessons of the study. Nail styling is a practical subject, that’s why classroom hands-on teaching days are important to achieve a good end result. There is a choice possible for the number of classroom hands-on lessons, so that a ‘tailor-made’ lesson can be put together for each individual.


The classroom hands-on lessons are planned according to the needs of the student. This can be once a week to once every 2, 3, 4 weeks. This choice depends on the study possibilities and the budget of the student. Every student receives vouchers for a number of purchased hands-on lessons, these can be planned in according to the offered dates at the training centre. Naturally this happens beforehand in consultation/planning with the training centre.

Experienced subject teachers take care of the course and classroom hands-on lessons.

Ready for a new challenge?

Training opportunities:

- LeadUp:  Nail styling with manicure and the acryl system

- LeadUp:  Nail styling with manicure and the gel system

- UpSkills: Nail styling with manicure, acryl and gel system, Nail art, Design nails

- Indulge: SPA cosmetic hand and foot care

Training locations:
NiP College Dual Learning Nagelstyling opleiding
NiP College Dual Learning Nagelstyling opleiding
NiP College - Duallearning Nagelstyling opleidinen

Choose a training centre near you and register direct:

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